Stroke of genius
is always simple. Simplicity — result of consistency, profound idea
and patient work.*

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We are not about just coding! We are keen on ready-to-earn products and services, from idea to its implementation and promotion.

Who we are

Our Mission is to create perfect tools for those, who want to make this world a better place

Sense IT is created by experienced professionals constantly upgrading their expertise in the field of design, development, marketing, HR, and more.

We are a Multi-Vision Service Product Company creating turnkey projects, as well as covering specific customer’s needs. We transform ideas into a complete, ready-to-use, and promoted product.

We support and teach one another Always seek new challenges and knowledge. We are always open to ourselves, and our customers.

WHat we do

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Research & Development

We will carry your idea from validation, through MVP to a complete classy product.

  • Market and key audience research
  • Current market offers research
  • Customer development
  • CJM design
  • Business process design
  • Product concept development
  • Value proposition canvas
  • Infrastructure design
  • MVP development
  • MVP alfa and beta tests
  • KPI indication and integration
  • UNIT economy
  • Roadmap, release, backlog planning
  • IOS / Android native app development

Design & Branding

Visual communication with the customer is one of the key task when building long term relationships and loyalty. We will create it for you.

  • Branded visual assets
  • Brand strategy,
  • Brand essence and Identity
  • Digital advertisement
  • Print marketing collateral
  • Web & app design
  • Art & Illustration
  • Brand identity
  • Branding styleguide
  • Marketing materials
  • Promo videos
  • Interaction design
  • Motion graphics

Marketing & Communications

We will build a profound strategic system that will boost growth of your products or services. We will build relationship with customers, asses their triggers, lead from empathy to action.

  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing strategy & plan
  • Digital marketing
  • SMM
  • Communication strategy
  • PR and guerrilla marketing
  • Content marketing
  • WOM projects
  • ATL & BTL
  • Online events and contests
  • Influencers marketing
  • SEO
  • Business performance analysis

Join Us

We grant professional growth. And we admire people who always want to learn something new, that is why we have compensation for employee training as well as we provide paid business trips and conferences.

We seek people who share our values.

We encourage knowledge sharing between companies and projects.

Our projects are international, that is why we have free English classes for all our employees.

Everyone can have flexible working hours to gain maximum efficiency.

And Democratic Management is what we are after. You don’t need supervision, you need support and guidance. This is what we are.

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